st consumer ■electronics?/h2>

● known to ○be assisting○ police in

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a■n investigation● into alleged im●proper share tradin●g.The new ■strategy is also d■esigned to◆ sharpen the c●ompany's edge ◆against its〓

main rival, Suning ◆Appliance, w○hich has m◆ade known i■ts ambition to o○vertake Gome as■ the top seller ●of electrical● goods.Gom〓e sprinted● to the No 1● spot by aggre〓ssively exp○anding its sales net■work in the ●past few years thro●ugh new openings ●and acquisitions o〓f smaller chains. Be○fore the troubles of◆ its former ch■airman hit in 2008, ●the company● had 1,300 s■tores, to Suning's ○850.That ma○ddening pace is◆ coming to● an end. "It●'s about time for G■ome to take a dif〓ferent appro〓ach t


iler, said ○on Tuesda

han in the p◆ast," said Wu Meipin◆g, analyst from E〓ssence Securities.D○espite its ●scale, Gome actuall●y trails Suning in● s

ales per● store, which some 〓attribute to p●oor layout and◆ disorderly d〓isplay. For Gome, t■he ratio of renti●ng fees to○ sales reve●nue per store is 4.1◆, but the figure ●is 3.0 for Su●ning, said Wu.Apart ○from opening 〓stores at good locat◆ions replacing ●old poorly perform◆ing ones, Gome○ will increa●se the sto■ck of small electr●ical applia

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es at〓 2008 level.

nces●, like water hea◆ters and j●uice blenders, b◆ecause they can o■ffer higher ●profit margin, He sa●id.The small a○ppliances'

We w○
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ill close ■some stores at dis

pr●ofit margins avera◆ge at 20 to 30 ◆percent. Small a■ppliances ●currently account f●or 12 percent of G●ome's

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ntaged location○s, and ope●n

total s●ales, He said■.He said Gom〓e will be partnerin■g with its suppli●ers to create a m■ore comfortable a○nd convenient purcha●

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